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About Us

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Centre for Coexistence – Islamic-Christian Study Center (IKS) aims to work with Christian-Muslim relations through dialogue (conversation) and diapraxis (joint action).


Since the centre was started by Christians and Muslims together in 1996, equality and shared ownership have been our starting point and goal. And we are sure that this starting point has been of great importance to the fact that the Centre has been able to exist for 25 years and to hold on to the spirit of community.


Today, the centre primarily works with joint social and community-building activities – such as discussion groups, joint studies and projects, counseling and diaconal work.


We particularly want to create a forum for ex-prisoners, where they can feel at home and participate in the centre's activities. This is done through group discussions, whereby young people with an ethnic minority background can be linked to the centre, can gain a new network and participate in voluntary work.

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